The UK is a frequent destination for pets traveling from Bahrain and with the right preparations; your best friend travel will go smoothly. Bahrain Pet Relocation team can prepare a door-to-door move to the UK and ensure you have all the necessary documents to bring your best friends safely home.

Microchip of your pet with ISO standard microchip is a must for bringing pets to the UK, in addition to a number of vaccinations and certificates, including the annex form IV UK Pet Travel Scheme.

An LHR entry certificate is also required for pets going to LHR or when LHR is the first port of entry.


There is a slight difference in the requirements between dogs and cats to import to the UK, mainly the tapeworm treatment which is required for dogs only.

Because the UK is considered a rabies-free country, strict rules and requirements apply and you need the proper documentations to avoid quarantine upon arrival.

1- Microchip ISO standard, with dates mentioning implementation and scanning

2- Rabies Vaccination and Certificate (must be at least 21 days old prior to travel)

3-Rabies Antibody Titer Test (for pets traveling to the UK from unlisted countries such as KSA via Bahrain) – No Rabies Titer Test requirements for dogs and cats that are originated in Bahrain or spent the required window period in Bahrain before travel

4- EU Health Certificate (Annex IV)

5- Tapeworm Treatment (for dogs only) – with regards to tapeworm treatments, only approved manufactures are approved, consult your veterinarian or our relocation team for directions on this treatment

6- LHR Entry certificate for pets going to LHR as final destination or when LHR is the first port of entry

7- Endorsement of Paperwork

8- Box seal and seal certificate

In 2017, DEFRA began enforcing that the rabies vaccination given right after microchip must either be a 1-year vaccination or a 3-year vaccination is still accepted as long as the pet travel within the first year of these three years.
Starting 2017 also, the TOR (Transfer Of Residency) became a requirement to avoid customs VAT upon arrival. It normally takes 15 working days to obtain the TOR from time of application, and the number will be valid for one year where customers can utilize same number to move other household items and belongings. Since the TOR is not a requirement to import the pet and if pet owners do not have a number, they will need to pay customs VAT upon arrival. The VAT varies depending on the value of the pet that needs to be declared.

More info about TOR application and requirements please follow the below link:

Starting 1st of July 2019, new rules and regulations applied for importing pets to LHR, where all documents has to be sent to HARC (Heathrow Animals Reception Center) 48 hours prior to flight for final paperwork check in order to give the OK to forward, failure to pass the pre check may result in rejecting approval and the OK to forward may not be granted. if shipment is sent without sending the documents 48 hours prior to flight, a fine may apply. Bahrain Pet Relocation team have mastered these moves, our relocation specialists are up for consultation, give them a call


Because many pets coming to Bahrain carry EU pet passports and are being relocated to the UK, its important to cover the below details.

EU Pet passports do simplify the process but are not a must; pets coming from outside the EU do not carry the EU Pet Passports as official veterinarians inside the EU can only issue these passports.

Pets who carry EU passports with an expired rabies vaccines or with a three years rabies vaccine that are coming to the UK from any EU country in the second or third year of the rabies vaccine must re-do the rabies vaccinations at least 21 days prior to travel.

Considering your pet carries the EU pet passport with a valid rabies vaccination given and recorded in the EU, your pet will only need the Pet Passport for importing to the UK and this avoids the need of EU Annex form and Pet Travel Scheme, neither the endorsement will be required however its highly recommended for pets to be checked by veterinarians to ensure that pets are ok to fly and this is also requested by most airlines.


The five days rule and the number of pets imported are the thin line between a commercial or non commercial move. The UK requires pet owners to arrive to the UK within five days of their pet arrival however this is still flexible considering many factors and makes it even easier when you carry a TOR number.

Non-commercial moves follow Annex IV health certificate forms while commercial moves follow Annex 1 – time frame of endorsement also varies, within five days and no less than 24 hours for non-commercial and 48 hours for commercial moves. Also commercial moves have higher taxes while non-commercial moves have minimal tax or none if a TOR number has been obtained


Not all UK airports accept pets coming from outside the UK. For pets traveling from Bahrain to the UK, the airports options are:

If your pet destination is LHR, there are two direct flights daily from Bahrain to LHR on Gulf Air: GF003 & GF007 and BA 124 on British Airways with about 10 -16 hours difference in landing times. For pet owners traveling with their pets, we highly recommend that owners travel on one flight later, the reason for this is that clearance in LHR can take anything from 7 to 10 hours sometimes longer, and all pets arriving to LHR will receive a complimentary 24 hours stay in the ARC per lounge waiting pick up

For Pets traveling to MAN, LGW or GLA

KLM, Emirates, LH, BA are the options we go for. Our experts will discuss these options with you to figure out the most convenient flight for your pet in the same time a flight that meets your needs

Upon arrival

Bahrain Pet Relocation partners with agents in all of the above airports. Meet & Greet services are offered upon landing then transferred to HARC to start clearing process. Once clearance is finished, owners pick up from HARC or we arrange delivery to residence with our local Pet Taxi partners.
Owners will be receiving ongoing updates with photos through the journey from start to finish.

HARC Location

All pets traveling with Bahrain Pet Relocation receive a complimentary grooming voucher to be used prior to travel

Attention: The above are general guidelines, regulations and requirements can change and may not be updated. Contact your relocation specialist for further assistance