Exporting Pets From Bahrain

Moving your pet internationally can easily become time consuming and a stressful process, for these reasons, hiring a pet transport specialist will help you manage the details on your behalf, our team will value your time with services that can be anything from door to door basis or helping in bits and pieces that you simply can’t do.

As for your pet destination every country has strict rules surrounding the entry of pets that will vary from destination to destination and its not fixed so it might change due to new regulations enforced by state authorities.

In general the pet will need travel documents and a list of required veterinary treatments, health certificates, export/import permits and following up with clearance procedures.

Its is possible that your pet will need ISO micro-chipping and maybe an advance quarantine booking or comfort stopover if transit is included.

Since every relocation arrangement depends on the destination, feel free to contact Bahrain Pet Relocation team for consultation, our team covers up to 128 destinations and works on daily basis with a network of trusted agents worldwide and with with major pet-friendly airline companies.

Pet Export services include:

  • Consultation for the move and coordination
  • Pet Taxi from home, kennels or a friend to a vet
  • Managing all veterinary treatments & documents required for destination, that includes microchipping, vaccinations, blood tests and other treatments if required. We work closely with government trusted veterinarians to ensure all documents and treatments are in place and in the required time manner
  • Travel crate, crate measurements and preparations, including bonding and sealing
  • Pet Taxi to airport and check-in at B.A.S cargo
  • Flight bookings and management with shortest and most convenient routes with our network of pet-friendly airlines, together we can choose the most convenient flight for your fur friends and yourselves
  • Comfort Stopovers (if required)
  • Boarding & Kenneling in our Luxury Pet Hotel and Dog Park (if required)
  • Permits from destination
  • Quarantine bookings (if required)
  • Meet & Greet at destination
  • Customs clearance, vet inspection and clearance
  • Delivery to a new home, friend, relative or boarding kennel at destination

Together we can structure a travel program that will relief your anxiety and make traveling with your pet or your pet travel fun and joyful experience.

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All pets arriving with Bahrain Pet Relocation receive 24 hours complimentary stay in Bed & Biscuits and a complimentary grooming.

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