Exporting a Pet

Export and international services

Traveling overseas with your pet or sending your pet out of Bahrain, requires a long list of things to do, Bahrain Pet Relocation team will do the hard and detailed work for you, so you can focus on your own travel arrangements.

When taking pets to Australia, New Zealand, EU, UK, USA including Hawaii, Hong Kong, Brazil or any other destination, Bahrain Pet Relocation provides a premier door to door export service. We work regularly with international removal and global mobility companies when exporting pets, proud members of IPATA and a recommended supplier to major pet friendly airline companies.

All international destinations have strict rules surrounding the entry of pets. In most cases, travel preparations including veterinary treatments and certificates, arranging permits from countries of destinations, may need to start months before departure. With adequate preparation time, quarantine in most destinations can be completely eliminated, or significantly reduced.
Whether you are travelling from Bahrain to a final destination or between other countries, we can manage your move of your pet based on each country requirements.

exporting pet from bahrain

Our international relocation services can be anything from Door To Door basis or helping in bits and pieces that you simply can’t do and includes:

  • Consultation for move and coordination
  • Pet identification / ISO microchipping if required
  • Veterinary treatments and international health certificates according to each destination requirements including EU Annex
  • Veterinary & travel document compliance reviews
  • Pet Taxi from home, kennels or a friend to vet
  • Travel crate, crate measurements and preparations, including bonding and sealing
  • Homeopathic remedies to help pets remain calm during their travels
  • Pet Taxi to airport and check-in at B.A.S cargo
  • Flights bookings and management with shortest and most convenient routes with our network of pet friendly airlines
  • Comfort Stopovers (if required)
  • Boarding & Kenneling in our Luxury Pet Hotel and Dog Park (if required)
  • Permits from destination
  • Quarantine bookings (if required)
  • Meet & Greet at destination
  • Customs clearance, vet inspection and clearance
  • Delivery to new home, friend, relative or boarding kennel at destination

Together we can structure a travel program that will relief your anxiety and make traveling with your pet or your pet travel a fun and joyful experience.